DAILY PAINTING : Edgar Degas Depicting Mood and Movement

To see a newly painted art-piece daily is a matter of curiosity for the art-lovers and a reason to apply his or her utmost creativity for the painter. Here is a painting by the master artist. It would be my endeavour to put one painting daily by a master artist, with my critical writing.

Degas - Vor dem Spiegel - ca1899           Edgar Degas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Is painting a craft or an art? I think it is both. Painting is a craft that would demand a technically thinking mind that can understand the physical effects of the colours. It is an art that would demand in you a suitable mood to get into it. Whereas the technical expertise cannot be ruled out, an artist with richness of mood would surely be successful in carving out his or her space in the field of art.  

Edgar Degas The Dance Class Edgar Degas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Degas had a wonderful quality in his drawing. After drawing the figures or marking the spaces for objects it would necessary to think about the interpersonal relationship of the figures to be painted on canvas. The interrelation of the objects generates a feeling of some happening or watching an event. The compositional aptitude of the artist would generate a strong interest of the viewers in the final product, the painting.
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