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All the persons who are engaged with the art, they would love to read articles about it. These art articles keep them updated with the recent progress in the field of art. The Motive of the writers and critics who write such articles is to provide the latest and thoughtful information to the readers. They provide reading that would provide pleasure and education.

Portrait of Dr. Gachet -By Van Gogh

In the following articles, I have tried to place before the readers some important and entertaining aspects of the art of painting. It would certainly cover the art itself. In addition to that our curiosity would like to explore how some of the art movements were so much popular among the art lovers. We would also look at the fact about how the paintings of the master and amateur artists are sold and valued.

How to Create space and Volume: Twenty percent of every canvas is filled by imagination and the rest is covered by the artist's knowledge about 'how to cover the space', aesthetically. The space is flat, having no volume. The artists want to create a sense of volume in the painting. Certainly there would be need of creating some illusions. The skill of an artist lies in how beautifully he or she can create that illusion of space on a flat and blank canvas.

How to Understand a Painting of Master Artist: When we look at a painting, our first reaction would be to the colours and the figures of objects painted. We would like it for its technical side of beauty recreated by painterly skill; and we would love to look closely how the hues and the shades of every colour are depicted in the painting.

Cities and Buildings Painted by Master Painters: People have relationship with other people. Men have relationship with women, and vice versa. But all have relationships with the towns, cities and building with which they are attached or they love. The European artists clearly demonstrate their love for the cities and buildings.

Paintings by some Modern and Master American Artists: Every art movement has its starting point; every art has a pool of artists putting stones of foundation. American world of art saw such happening in 19th century. In 1872 artist John Gast painted a scene of ‘people moving west’, capturing their activities. That painting started era of balancing naturalism and romanticism in US art in particular and American art in general.

Finding Market Buyers for Paintings: A person coming out of art college or classes would be struck by a violent realization that what he or she would do now. For the artists, to get a satisfactory income to support them is a Himalayan question. It's not an easy mission to make a satisfactory living from your art income, as the market scenario is not less than frightening.

The painting displayed above is painted by the master artist Van Gogh. He had painted it in last days, or the last week of his life, perhaps, in the year 1890. He did two versions of this painting Portrait of Dr. Gachet. This painting had been sold for an unbelievable price of $82.5 Million in the year of 1990. However the current location of this painting is secret one. Another version of this painting can be seen at Musée d'Orsay in the city of Paris. [Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons ]

Amadeo Modigliani 044WHAT IS ART

The philosophers might brand the art in their own manner. They would say that the artists work is a thoughtful refuge to feel some relief from their pain the artists encounter while being at disagreement with the traditional world. A poetic soul would say, 'Art is a shout at the almighty God, telling Him that... Look this is what we have created'. Human race has devised many modes of expressions; among them, the art of painting is the most colourful. We have nurtured the noble intention of showing expressions and concepts embedded within our minds.

The Art of Painting: As old as the human civilization, the art of painting has encouraged us to record what we see. Our visual images have taken shapes of murals, cave paintings and ancient forms of other arts. The ancient artworks might be in their rudimentary shapes, but they are the base on which entire world of art is built up. Those simple drawings, carvings and paintings done by pre-historic artists have become now today’s refined art as we see on the walls of museums and the pages of websites.

What is painting at all? And what does it involve? To be precise, the act of painting is a process of coating surface of canvas or a paper or any other support material with paint. Here the artist does it for an artistic purpose. The final painting is a fruit ofapplying the paints. It is the act that demands passion for it. And the outcome of that process is the human endeavours making the viewers happy.

Fundamentals of Art:

Before running into actual field of the art, an artist would introduce himself or herself with some fundamentals of arts. Line drawing, creating shapes, and understanding the arrangement of space on frame: this would be the basics for a new entrant. Then there would be consideration for the values of colours, their shades and hues, and the texture of colours and the support of art piece.

After knowing about visible elements, some principles of drawing and paintings need to be understood. The artists should possess knowledge about contrast of colours and rhythm and movement of brush strokes. The unity of all the elements and due emphasis on all the aspects would render the final artwork an artistic one. There would be other aspects, too, like the concept of pattern of painting and overall balance of colours.

Tools of Art
: While painting, the artists use colours and tones of colours as their tools. This artistic luggage helps depicting reality they conceive in their minds. Being worshippers of the art, the painters use their emotions and fantasies, too. The colours they use and the colours we see are highly subjective, but they have certainobservable psychological effects on the minds of viewers. Here endeavour is made to place some of the best works of these artist, making their work more enjoyable.
(Image courtesy By Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920) Description Italian painter and sculptor Date of birth/death 12 July 1884(1884-07-12) 24 January 1920(1920-01-24) Location of birth/death Livorno Paris Work period 1907-1920 Work location Paris [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons )

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