Painting Feelings and Dance of Colours, Artist Maria Claudia

A painter takes some colours on his or her brush and then whispers something in the ears of those colours; the colours understand that language; and they translate the song onto a canvas. We name that song a painting. If you want to hear such beautiful songs; if you wish to enjoy the dance of magically spread colours, then looking at the collection of paintings done by Maria Claudia would be a good idea.

THE ARTIST: Maria Claudia, living in Colombia, bases her artworks on the tools of her choices. Her first and most important tool is the keen observation of the objects she would paint. May it be a landscape or a figurative drawing or may it be a still-life painting shown here above. While talking with her about how she feels while doing the work of painting, she told me that, “I mix my love for the art and my experience of sensibility with the hues of colours.... and that mixture produces the pulsating shades.” We can see how these shades catch our eyes. If we observe her paintings with a critical eye, we can dig more and more artistic skill injected in these paintings. Look at the use of yellow radiating the freshness of the fruits painted. The fruit is called “Lulo” (Valle del Cauca) and it is symbol of the city of Cali, Colombia, the city in which Maria resides presently.

DANCE OF COLOURS: With the thin mass of yellow and the green shade refer to the ripening of the fruit. The green used on the surface of the half-cut fruit symbolizes diet, as green is the symbol of food and nutrition. It is beyond doubt that the colours are crucial in a painting. More crucial task is to make these colours speaking something. In this painting Maria has made the colours shouting with joy. The colours have the touch of a master artist’s hand and they are dancing with joy.

The theoretical knowledge of artist Maria would guide her brushes to put certain tones of the colours in certain places. She puts two colours side by side and both the colours start singing a chorus. Look at the painting of the girl looking outside of a window. Here the draperies of window look like a frame of the painting, creating sense of a painting within a painting. The light colours uses symbolize the tender age of the girl; and her looking at a far distance could tell us how deeply she might be involved in thinking. Thus an artist tells us a story through his or her painting. I we read a painting with keen eyes we can read the story embedded into an artwork. Maria would always try injecting such a meaning into her paintings.

THE ART: There are theories of colours and rules of perspective to be considered at the time of painting. But when you start listening what your heart says to you, the art itself starts flowing from inside out. Look at the colours Maria used in this landscape painting. All the shades of green and blue have reached their maximum possible saturation, giving one kind of emotional significance to the whole frame. In this landscape painting, the lighter blue dances with the waves of seawater. The radiance of green on the tree-trunks rejoices the brightness of sunlight falling on the mass of seawater.

Maria touches every inch of her painting so delicately, as if she is polishing a diamond. And her painting turns out like a true diamond. The cleanliness of colours and the energy she invests in her brush strokes take the shape of an eye-pleasing painting.

Artist Maria Claudia, with her Painting

She uses her education in the field of art, and the feelings pulsating in her heart, to make the paintings so technically correct and beautifully artistic. She depict all of her prowesses through the countless shades of colours. All these colours make her paintings eye-catching, as she knows how to select the appropriate tonal value of a particular colour. It is needless to say that her paintings carry the wealth of art that could be an ornament of the walls of any millionaire man or a woman.

All the images of paintings posted above are put here with express permission of the artist. All the copyrights of these paintings are with the artist. If you wish to see more of her painting you can see them on her site MY PAINTINGS. For knowing about the prices of the paintings or inquiring anything in connection with her paintings, you can send her a message here.

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