Artists Painting Beauty of Women Figure, Showing Gender Effect in Art

Proserpine-(utdrag)When we look at any art work with an eye to evaluate it we need to have certain kind of sensibility. The visual analysis of any art work is like to study the artwork from its anatomy to final appearance. The rules of aesthetics, too, are important to know as the rules of art of painting.

Prosperina -by Gabriel Rossetti (By Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882) Alternative names Birth name: Gabriel Charles Dante Rossetti Description British painter, poet and translator Date of birth/death 12 May 1828(1828-05-12) 9 April 1882(1882-04-09) Location of birth Work location London [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons )

The Effect of Gender in Art

When we are to evaluate the paintings of females done by the male painters, we have to consider the manner in which the men flock in general and the men artists in particular look at the world. It is necessary to know how they evaluate the female body as the subject of art. Here are some articles with proper images of the female paintings done by the master the artists.

Paintings of Females by Male Artists

Paintings of Females by Female Artists

Mother and Child in the Conservatory by Cassatt NOMAThe same type of painting and the themes would carry a different meaning if it is done by a woman artist. Women have their own way and understanding to look at the events of the world. This would change the choice of composition and the meaning of the painting revealed through it. It would be an artistic joy to compare the paintings done by men and women artists, especially in respects of the use of space, tone of the colours used, and relationship of the surrounding objects with the central figure of painting.

Mother and Child -by Mary Cassatt

Paintings of Females by Female Artists

Here are some artists who have displayed their understanding and imaginations trough the medium of brushstrokes and colours.

If we closely look at the paintings done by women artist we would not miss to see that the female artists, too, select the female body as the subjects of their paintings. Unlike most of the male painter, the women artists while painting a clothed or unclothed body of the female treat them as subject of painting. For a women artist the unclothed body of a woman is not merely an object to look at or stare at.

Choice of Subjects by Men and Women Artists

There would be clear difference in the subjects chosen by a woman artist and a man artist. Men painter would emphasize on the tastes of male viewers, selecting to paint glamour and alluring skin-stock of female body. The women artists would prefer to depict feminine special aspects like motherhood and fashionable dresses along with make ups. Such a change of attitude in treating the subject mater affects the whole outcome of the art; it also enhances the visual importance of the art piece. [Image courtesy By Mary Cassatt (1845–1926) Description American painter Date of birth/death 22 May 1845(1845-05-22) 14 June 1926(1926-06-14) Location of birth/death Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Mesnil-Théribus (Frankreich) Work location Paris, Italien, Ägypten (Painting by Mary Cassatt, via copy at [1]) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons]

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