Surrealism : Painting With Unusual Juxtaposition of Objects

Paris had suffered much during the First World War. The artists and writers, who gathered together again after the war, worked with a new philosophy.

The Persistence of Memory -by Salvador Dali. 1931. Oil on canvas (Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

What Is Surrealism

Surrealist artists experimented in unexpected and unusual juxtaposition. Free form the convention, the artist like Joan Miro and Salvador Dali used the power of their imagination to lead the viewers to a new world of artistic experience. They would let their imagination to play. This movement has affected literature and visual art in their different aspects. The spheres of film and music also were not untouched by the fever of surrealistic approach. These artists gave priority to the unconscious mind to play its role. The psychological development by Freud in the sphere of interpretation of dreams had let the surrealist artists to reveal the aspects which were unknown to the eyes of the eyes of the viewers of visual art.

Salvador Dali and Surrealism

Salvador Dali, a Spanish artist, is known as the main artists forming the group known as the surrealists. Fascinated by the works of renaissance artists, Dali had experimented with the cubism art, too. He was expelled from the academy for his remarks, before hiss final examination. He had said that no one in the academy is capable to examine his work. Dali had used the concept of surrealism to its maximum. He had painted canvases which we can name as the representations of the dreams. His masterly touch with the adequate amount of imagination had made the movement of surrealism so famous among the contemporary artists. His canvases are sold at very high value in the present time.

In the same period many artists in Italy had infuse some concept of metaphysics into their art works. They have painted cities and roads with strange looking objects. Such strange juxtaposition of the objects was display of unconscious mind: thus they described their art. Georgio De Chirico was the main Italian artist who painted under the style of surrealism. He had founded the concept of Metaphysical Art.

Metaphysical with Factory -by Georgio De Chirico

The surreal artists would prefer the familiar objects to paint. But an urge to explore the inner life of these objects would get more attention. They would construct an imaginary scene of eh inner life of any object, from a wrist watch to the head of a person, and there after would inject the thoughts into the objects. This aspect made the surreal art full of mystery and equally attractive, too. This could be said as the metaphysical side of the thinking of the artists, too. It would give free play to the imagination of the artists.

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