Indian Women Artists: Kavita Poras, Painting With Detailed Brushstrokes

The string of emotional involvement binds every artists with his or her work. At the time of executing any artwork, the string demands total involvement—body, mind and soul involvement—from the artist. This is the artistic obligation assigned to an artist towards the art. Kavita Poras, an artist from India, has always obeyed her artistic responsibility. Once she submerges into a pool of the happiness she enjoys while executing her paintings, she would end up with a minutely detailed painting.

When we look at an artist working in his or her studio or on an outside location, we only see the physical setting: the brush, the palate, canvas or paper, and the artist looking at the vast expanse of the objects to be recreated by painting.

Standing Tall
Watercolour, 15x22 Inch

But this is not all. We miss to see one of the fundamental components of an artistic journey. It is the ability of an artist to perceive the objects in his or her specific way. Look at this watercolour painting by Kavita. Here she has depicted her prowess of creating the feel of space by using colour washes of varying degrees. This is the product of an artist’s perception and style of looking and understanding the things.

Painting is an art of drawing and painting solid objects. But the supports on which they are done (canvas or paper) are of two dimensional surfaces. Even if, by using such support, an artist would recreate the feel of height, depth, and the relative positions of the objects in the frame in a manner that the viewers would feel the whole artwork like a three dimensional one. In the painting given below, Kavita has spared no aspect of her artistic experience. She has rightly preferred a big canvas (124 x 80 cm), as the frame has many stories to tell.

Look at the dry-leaves-covered staircase; it leads a walker up the hill and it leads the viewers’ eyes to a focal point.

The Fall
Oil on Canvas

The focal point is situated on upper edge of the frame, so while looking at the painting from a good distance, we would feel that we are standing on a higher platform-like place and overlooking the whole natural event. This is very much artistic element we could see in landscape paintings. In this painting, the perfect balance is maintained between visual resonance and logical depiction of the landscape. Like other Women Painters from India, Kavita has not failed to inject the feminine factor in her paintings.

When the artist paints a landscape, the canvas covers a part ‘cut from the whole'. But the artist doing the painting has experienced the total feel of the whole environment. Thus to be honest to the art of painting itself, the artist would love to embed that very feeling in the painting. In this landscape, The Fall, the serenity of location is such an added element. At the time of seeing this painting for the first time, we do feel experiencing the majestic feel of the whole atmosphere in which the artist might have painted. That is what an artist like Kavita can do. Sometimes to recreate the physical resemblance of a natural scene is merely a technical aspect; but to embed the very smell of the air of the scene is an artistic luggage a creative artist delivers to us.

Kavita Poras, living in the city of Hyderabad, India, belongs to the clan of the persons who can be named as ‘born artists’. She feels; and she paints. She loves painting; and she loves to introduce us with all the types of inter-relationships of the colours. She does it through her brushes, using all the hues and shades of the colours in her palette, and by applying the vision of an artist.

Kavita Poras, The Artist

In addition to the beautiful landscapes, she has done marvellous paintings of big cats, the leopards. If you wish to feel the real thrill of the rain and wetness of the landscape during monsoon, to see the paintings by Kavita would be a good idea. Her paintings can be ornaments on the walls of house, office, or a shopping mall. The pool of her painting can be a good source for making art posters. It is because Kavita’s paintings possess one extra quality: she experiences; and she recreates her experiences on the paper and the canvas. (All the images are put here with express permission of the artist, Kavita Poras. All the copyrights and other rights in connection with the above images are with the artist herself.)
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