MONET: Painting with Impressionist Brush-strokes

Theme: Impressionism, the Paintings done with Spontaneous, broken, and skipping Brushwork. The Paintings done using full Totanl values and every hue of the colours.

CLAUDE MONET (1840-1926), is the name that had epitomized the movement of impressionism in the art of painting. He had not only initiated that branch of painting, but also had pushed it further. He did it better than any other painters of his time.

Woman with Parasol, study -by Claude Monet

The Art: impressionism is not only the painting in the open air. On the part of the impressionist artists, the element that made their work so beautiful was is the determination to paint the reality before the eyes. They did not paint the mere reality, but they did reveal how they had seen the reality, too. It was the factor of perception that got crept into the paintings of these artists. And that made the paintings of the impressionists so attractive. (Image courtesyWikimedia Commons)

The Artist: In his painting Claude Monet did not only painted just reality; but he painted a crowd of other aspects: the seeing of reality, the act of perception itself, and the feeling of here and now. He demonstrated that how light, especially bright light, tended to dissolve the colours and forms involved in the scene lying before his eyes. The real key of his paintings making so beautiful was Monet’s spontaneous, broken, and skipping brushwork. He did this magic of converting the beauty of nature on his canvases by using his palette that carried fast and subdued colours. He used all the tones of the colours, all the hues of the colours, just by sitting in front of the subject he close to paint.

Here in the above painting Woman with Parasol, study, the direction of the woman’s scarf and the movement of the small plants on the landscape tells much about Monet’s brush strokes. The spontaneity is clearly visible in his painting Cap de Antibes (given below - Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)). We can see the presence of wind all over the canvas. That is the beauty of impressionism paintings; that is the skill of impressionist artists.

If we were to describe what Monet was, there can be no better words in which the master painter Paul Cezanne had described him in these words, “Monet is only an eye, but good God, what an eye.”

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