Learn Pencil Portrait: Step by Step

If you are an established artists you know it very well; and if you are an artist starting your adventure in the field of art,you need to know that a preparatory pencil drawing is a must before going to make a portrait, either in watercolour or oil.

Pencil portrait making is a crucial task. If the final portrait differs, even slightly, with his of her original face, it would not do well. So every stoke matters; every shade counts, every proportion speaks. If the set of eyes is drawn properly, the artist would not find it very difficult to draw the nose and the pair of lips. If you are to paint the portrait in oil or other medium, then the pencil drawing is of paramount importance. Properly made pencil drawing can be a suitable base for a final portrait. Here are articles that would be useful for Learning Pencil Portrait.

In order to do a perfect pencil portrait an artist needs study the subject first; here subject being the face of a person whose portrait is to be drawn. Eyes and nose posing crucial identity of a person, we should draw it realistically. It is important to know about the size and shapes of both the eyes. Artists generally believe that the lines while drawing nose should be hard. In fact nose requires more shading work.

Before starting a pencil portrait of a man, woman or a child, just engage yourself with his or her eyes. Inspect carefully all the aspects of the eyes: the shape, the lower and upper eyelids, the pupil, the iris and the white portion. Carefully examine the shapes and shades of the eyes and lashes, the eyebrow and the portion of the eyes that catches the incoming light. These all comprises the set of complications in pencil portrait making; but it can be handled effectively if the artist is prepared for it.

COLOR PENCIL: Drawing Eyes, Eyelids and Eyelashes

Before doing the pencil drawing of the eyelids, we should have in our mind that the natural colour of the eyelid would tend to be darker than the surrounding flesh and skin of the face. And once the eye is opened, the upper eyelid folds itself up. Lower lid would be a thinner than the upper one. In case of some persons, there would be delicate skin folds in the eyelid; it would be a statement of the age of person.

PENCIL and INK : Drawing A Village Girl

In this pencil drawing, the artist has maintained a fine balance of proportions that is crucial while drawing faces, eyes, nose and the lips. Here the drawing is not a preparatory one, drawn for a watercolour or an oil painting. It is a finished piece of art in itself. It’s a drawing of a moment: a poor girl is crying, shedding tears, making a huge statement of her state of affairs after a devastating flood has ruined everything that she had.

PENCIL DRAWING: Jane Morris, Pre-Raphaelite Muse

Dante Gabriel Rossettiis the artist who had drawn above pencil drawing. He was an English poet and a painter of mid and late 19 th century. The lady who had sat as a model for many of Rossetti’s paintings is Jane Morris. In pre- Raphael period the painter chose their near relatives as models for their painters, especially the female models. The female models were generally sisters, lovers or wives of the painters or their friends’. Jane Morris was believed to be Rossetti’s lover and she had married his close friend William Morris. (Image courtesy Dante Gabriel Rossetti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons)
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