AMERICAN ARTISTS: Painting Master Pieces

Theme: Painting the God and Goddess

Most of the artists owe to someone for becoming a painter: some artists credit their teachers; some adore their parents for patting their artistic prowess. Many have found the treasure in the paintings done by old masters. Linda Diane Taylor, follows her own intuition; while she stands before her canvases, she hears her own heartbeats. Her artistic journey of twenty five years has been full of experiences and experiments.

Water Goddess Oil on Canvas 30 X 40

The artist follows many ideas of other artists to realize his/her dreams. They look at the grand visual display of the masters’ skill. And when an artist stands before a blank canvas and took a colour-loaded brush in hand, he or she thinks creating a masterpiece.

Style of Painting

A work of art acts in two ways upon us: on one hand it helps to find ourselves, our real inner-self; and on another this very art make us losing in the art itself. The effect of any art piece upon the viewers' mind and heart depends on how the artist has succeeded in communication what he/she has felt. Linda Diane believes in and holds faith upon the process of communication through the art.

The Artist: While I talked with Linda, about how she starts her day when doing a big painting, her answer was very interesting. She said that while painting she had ‘never planned in advance’. She always comes across a vision or an imaginary theme she had hardly conceived before. Exited by her fresh and the virgin vision, she starts loading colours on canvas; and the colours start creating a world she envisions in her eyes, in heart, in the pulses. She follows thus the inner voice she hears and she communicates the same to the world outside.

The Art: In the above painting ‘Water Goddess’ Linda Diane has honestly depicted the grand play of her artistic imagination. Portraying of the emotions on canvas has always been a challenge for the clan of artists. But the artists crave to do that difficult job. The art work, a painting or a sculpture is a record of what an artist feels inside of his or her heart. Sometimes such recording of the feeling is named as ‘movement of the soul’, too. Linda Diane’s above painting is the painting of such a movement of the soul.

It is beyond doubt that the subtlety of colours speaks about how tender was the artist’s feelings; and what was going in the artist’s mind while executing a particular painting. Here the Water Goddess is shown as emerging out of a water mass. We know that all the primal creatures have evolved in the water. Thus while depicting also the primal system of evolution; here the Goddess emerges with the glow of hope. Her looks are bright. Her gestures are peaceful. Her overall appearance is Godly. In the background, the city of Vancouver is seen as magnificent landscape.

The Robe of Goddess is under-painted with Opaque shades of cold and warm grey mixed with flake white and a touch of Cerulean Blue. The next layers of paint went from darks and letting it dry then painting in the light. The colours used in these layers are many, but primarily the darks are ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, and a touch of violet. The lights mostly titanium white with a touch of cerulean blue, violet, shell pink or grey of grey. A bit of nickel yellow can be found here and there.

Canadian Artist, Linda Diane Taylor describes her art as taking an idea or a vision to the canvas and moulding colour and dimension. In her art she would create a message, a question or an emotion. She has read the old masters extensively and get inspirations from them. For her paintings, she has taken clues from the old master oil painters, tribal designs and their visions. Her style is eclectic, and she keeps it ever-changing and developing. While choosing colours she does not compromise on quality; as using the highest quality paints ensure a vibrant and long lasting result. To see more paintings by Linda Diane Taylor, CLICK HERE

[ All the images are put here with express permission from the artist. all the copyright remain with the artists Linda Diane Taylor ]

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