EUROPEAN ARTISTS: Experimenting with Alla Prima Painting Technique

The intuition is Mother Mary of all the arts and the artistic presentations. It is the womb of ‘Sixth Sense’ where from all the ideas about artistic statements take births.

Gypsy Girl -by by Frans Hals

The relationship between art and the artist is similar to the relationship of a worshipper with the almighty God. For an artist the painting or music or dancing is not less than an act of worship. To walk on the land of art is like to walk on a virgin land, the land full of potentials and fertility. Artist Frans Hals, (1580 - 1666) a Dutch painter, used to dip his paint brush in his soul and proceeds on the journey. From the observation of his paintings, we can see that he painter his canvases beautifully and celebrates the joy she would have felt within.

The Artist: Frans Hals's technique of spreading the colours on canvas is like that of the impressionist artists. He would catch the feel of here and now of a scene or the emotions of the persons portrayed and would honestly translate that feeling onto the canvas through the sensual and subtle brush strokes. May it be still life or a landscape painting or making of a portrait; Hans would try exploring the potentials of colours and their shades. The subtlety of his smooth brush strokes is like trade mark of his painting, giving the whole artwork a delicate look.

The Art: In the above painting, Hals has used the well known technique of alla prima. Instead of relying on the traditional style of putting layer of colours one by one, he seems using the technique of completing the painting in single sitting. Here the painting of the Gypsy Girl is very much sensual. It looks eye-catching on one hand; and on another it symbolizes the freedom of youthful status of the girl, which is dexterously depicted on her face. Using of the subdued shades of yellow and red, Hans has make out a statement of beauty and sensual features embedded in the face. Here the artist's skilful use of light yellow painting the youthful breasts of the Gypsy Girl has made the focal point of the painting much attractive one.

While painting this artwork, the artist Hans might have in his mind to write a sensual statement about the beauty of the young woman. The Alla Prima techniques used here has sent the message of immediacy, too. [Images courtesy Frans Hals [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons ]

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