American Women Artists: Painting Sensuality and Delicacy of Human Faces

Theme: American women Artists. The Women Artists Painting a New Wave. Artists Painting with Difference.

When a person full of emotions wants to tell the world about his or her experiences, s/he would try to find the words narrating the same. And when that emotional soul that is full of pulsating experiences does not find proper words to tell the story, he or she takes brush in hand and recites the story on canvas, through the medium of colours and shapes. Larisa Colantonio does the same. She stands before a blank canvas and start splashing out the pool of her inner joy onto it.

It was Larisa’s early days of school when she had started walking on the path that would lead her on the beautiful land of art of painting. She had heard the inner tickling for the love of art from the days of her childhood. The early travel in this filed always helps understand very dynamics of the visual forces which pleases our eyes.

The Artist: It is the movement of an artist’s brush or pen that tells us how deeply s/he understands the mechanism of art. The overall beauty of an artwork witnesses how the artist has succeeded in revealing the feeling s/he had experienced and tried to depict on canvas. In the painting given here, we could not fail noticing the very presence of the artist’s understanding of the subject.

When we look at this painting of a woman’s face, we can say how an artist succeeds invoking the sense of subject being painted. The subject may be abstract or a realistic one as it is here. The face of a woman is painted in part. Artist Larisa would dissect her mental image of the subject into four sections and paint each section as an individual painting. Each part would depict a particular emotion. If all the four sections are put together it would create full chiaroscuro.

The Art: In this painting, the choice of colours adds to the beauty of artwork. Unlike watercolour, the layer of acrylic would be darker after it dries. In this painting, the use of a subdued tone of acrylic for skin has given a candid look to the face. Were we to find a focal point of this painting, it would certainly be the line parting the lips: so subtle, so artistically painted. Here Larisa has used the acrylic colour as an artist would use colour, assigning the impression of the brush strokes on canvas. The area painted with a touch of red, painted with gentle movement of brush, creates an eye-catching textural effect.

The subtlety of colours speaks about how tender was the artist’s feelings, while executing a particular painting. When an artist looks at an object or landscape, s/he feels it with an artistic perspective. The object the artist sees may not be so significant; but when that experience is conveyed through the colours, it becomes a bridge between the artist’s pool of feelings and the heart of viewers. Larisa’s paintings fall in this category, conveying the very feeling from her artistic heart to the art lovers’ eyes. Her paintings could enhance the value of the walls on which they are exhibited.

Larisa (Clegg) Colantonio, living in Moosup, CT - United States, is an artist with a twist. Known for her Pensaic style of art, she runs off of raw emotion and bends it with her mind to create something truly unique. In high school, through the open mindedness of her art teacher she was able to create a style of art known as Pensaic. From there she flourished. Pensaic art became the outlet for her soul and mind. As she entered adulthood, she found that painting with acrylic was also a very good way for her to express herself. On occasion, you will find that she has even combined her acrylic painting with her Pensaic style.
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