AMERICAN WOMEN ARTISTS: Painting With Instinct, Depicting Strength

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Women artists fromAmerica have shown their power of imagination and the force of intuition through the medium of colours and brushes, in all the time, in all the ages. Though on most of the occasions, they have faced difficulties while getting training and selling their art works, the fairer flock have never bowed down before the odds. Despites the negative forces playing in the market, these artists have struggled to come out and have gained the due recognition for their art. Here are some of the ladies who have acquired their space in the field of painting. They have done it with their strong will and the artistic prowess they hold in their head and heart.

Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico, in the year 1907. It was very unfortunate that an artist of such a huge talent did not survive for long. She died July 13 1957. "I hope the exit is joyful - and I hope never to return - Frida” This was what Frida had written before few days of her death.

Frida Kahlo (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
The Artist: If we closely look at the paintings done by Frida Kahlo we would not miss seeing the use of vibrant colours. Her style of painting was strongly influenced by the local culture of her country of birth, Mexico. However in her painting, we can see the influence of European masters. Her work seems more or less influenced by the art movement that had stirred the whole of Europe: the realism, the surrealism, and symbolism.

As it happens in many painters, Frida’s art work had received no or very less recognition during her life time. But Frida has a typical reason for that. She was wife of a great painter of Mexico. He husband Diego Rivera was a renowned painter. So during her life time, she remained an artist being shadowed by her husband’s popularity. READ FURTHER>>>
Maria Claudia: There are theories of colours and rules of perspective to be considered at the time of painting. But when you start listening what your heart says to you, the art itself starts flowing from inside out. Maria, living in Colombia listens to her heart and paints, giving one kind of emotional significance to the whole frame. She uses her education in the field of art, and the feelings pulsating in her heart. READ FURTHER

Larisa Colantonio: When a person full of emotions wants to tell the world about his or her experiences, s/he would try to find the words narrating the same. And when that emotional soul that is full of pulsating experiences does not find proper words to tell the story, he or she takes brush in hand and recites the story on canvass, through the medium of colours and shapes. Larisa Colantonio does the same. She stands before a blank canvas and start splashing out the pool of her inner joy onto it.

Liliana Bianco: The art takes its birth out of the womb called intuition; and the intuition is like the river: the river that is dangerously flooded with water. If a person involves herself or himself in the realm of art, she/he should be ready to be driven out by that flood. Liliana Bianco, an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America has agreed to let herself swim in the flood.

When Liliana takes brush in her hand and stands before a clean canvas, shepaints with all of her, senses, soul and of with the flood of her overflowing emotions. Liliana Bianco the act of painting is like bridging the acts of hand and the heart.READ FURTHER>>>

Mia Roman Hernandez: If there is any environment that turns into an encouragement to make a person an artist, it is the appreciating atmosphere of family. If there is any state of affairs that really motivates a person to take a brush in hand and feel inspired while standing before a canvas, it is to be within the situation where a crowd of creative people nurture her or his artistic aspirations. The New York Artist Mia Roman Hernandez has been fortunate to have both of these facilities around her.

Mia believes in and holds faith upon the process of communication through the art. And hence the act of looking at the paintings of artists like Picasso, Goya and Frida Kahlo was not less than studying in an arts institution for the artist Mia. READ FURTHER>>>

Canadian Artist, Linda Diane Taylor describes her art as taking an idea or a vision to the canvas and moulding colour and dimension. In her art she would create a message, a question or an emotion. She has read the old masters extensively and get inspirations from them. For her paintings, she has taken clues from the old master oil painters, tribal designs and their visions. Her style is eclectic, and she keeps it ever-changing and developing.While choosing colours she does not compromise on quality; as using the highest quality paints ensure a vibrant and long lasting result. READ FURTHER
Portraying of the emotions on canvas has always been a challenge for the clan of artists. But the artists crave to do that difficult job. The art work, a painting or a sculpture is a record of what an artist feels. Such recording of the feeling is named sometimes as ‘movement of the soul’, too. And if you want to see such a ‘movement of a soul’, then the collection of paintings bySylvia Pekarek, living in Novato in California, is the most proper destination. Her visual images, the paintings, are bound to create a crowd of emotional responses among viewers.
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