SALVADOR DALI: Painting the Imagination and Artist's Individuality

Theme: Artists Painting their Imaginations. Artist Depicting their Individuality.

The art and artistic depiction is a subjective phenomenon. What an artist sees with his or her eyes is same as all of us see with our eyes. But what an artist perceives through the filters of imagination makes a difference.

Salvador Dali (1904 -1989)

We can see a rose and would understand that it is beautiful and looks nice on the plant, makes out a good scene in our veranda. But when an artist see the same rose, he or she might think that the rose has unlimited colours on its petals and every petal is radiating these colours in the surrounding. In short every artist would think differently. Al Salvador Dali was the man who thought very differently. (Image courtesy Wikipedia)

Surrealism of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali, a surrealist artist, was an Artist With a Difference. If most of the paintings are to be considered as sitting on the edge of a sea of dreams, on the coastline of an artist's imagination, then the paintings by Dali would be in the mid-sea. Dali, A Spanish artist, was one of the most skilled artists of twentieth century. His images were striking and the shapes he painted looked bizarre; but he had invented a brand new style of painting. Though he belonged to a clan of the artists known as surrealists, he had carved out his individual space in the world of art of painting. Painting under influence of the great Russian artists, he had tried to paint his individuality and own imaginations. He painted the world as he had perceived with his eyes of imaginations.

Were we to evaluate the artworks of any artists, we should know about how the artist imagined while doing his work of painting. Every artist has his or her peculiar temperament and the method of expressing herself or himself. Dali took the help of symbolism while doing his painting. And he used the symbolism in art extensively and very significantly with deep meaning. In the paintings of watches he had tried depicting that the time is not a fixed phenomenon, but a relative one.

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