LEARN PENCIL DRAWING: Lining, Drawing and Shading of a Horse

Lessons in Drawing: Pencil drawing of horses, dogs and cats are recurring subjects, like face drawing.

Pencil Shading of a Horse

One of the advantages of using pencils is in its unmatched utility in line drawing. Imaginative use of shading is the second benefit. Shading in pencil drawing is just like putting different tonal values of colours. By selecting a proper colour and applying that colour in different tonal values, a painter animates his or her mental image on paper and canvas. A pencil drawing with creative shading can become a strong base for a master piece painting in oil colours when it is enliven on canvas.

The above pencil drawing of a horse is one of the finest illustrations of pencil shadings and line drawings I have seen. By varying the pressure on the pencil, the artist has put up the best example of line drawing. Look at the downward looking eye of the horse. It gives us the overall feel of looking at the ground. All the small strokes on light and dark shadings lead us to look at the downward as the horse itself sees. The artist here has succeeded in making the viewers participating in atmosphere itself. (Image Courtsey Photobucket)

When an artists is able to create a fine balance in line and shading, the pencil drawing piece of art become a master piece. Shading is an aspect that exploits an artist’s skills at the highest possible level. The creative shading of pencil can produce a picture as beautiful as in any other medium like watercolour or oil colour. An artist of imagination and skill can exploit the full tonal values of pencils while doing shading and line drawing in different manners.

Shading work of Animal Drawing: Horse

For the artists, the horses have always remained favourite subject to paint. In the paintings done by the cavemen, too, we can see the horses and other animal that men have loved and used for their purpose. Here is one painting done by famous painter, John Singleton Copley. The painting is portraying colonel Fitch and his sisters. But the horse ins the prominent figure in this artwork. Horses have been the symbols of strength in all the time, its paintings have been the symbol of wealth also. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
Once you have decided to have pencil and paper in your hand, the next thought would be about choosing the subject matter. For this aspect, selection of the subject there are endless opportunities, some of them being just before your eyes, in and around where you are sitting.

If you have some basic ideas about the art of pencil drawing, you can draw the faces of your family members. This is very safe region to start with! Or you just look at your cat or your dear pet, the puppy sleeping with you. Let us choose a horse, the head of a horse. Okay? We all see horses running and grazing in fields. It would be a lovely object to draw. Before starting to draw the horse’s head, just put some lines defining the size of the head. Care must be taken in drawing the position of head, whether it is downward or upward. Here it is downward.

So after making out a rough sketch, then start adding the linings as shown in this pencil drawing of the horse. Feel free to add or subtract the amount and thickness of the lining at the hair or at the ears. Take special care to use more flat side of your pencil while executing the shading parts of horse, the mouth and nostrils.

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