PENCIL and INK : Drawing A Village Girl

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” --Pablo Picasso

The history of art has proved it beyond doubts that the age of a person is hardly a factor to feel an artistic urge within. A child, just out of his or her cradle can have positive signs indicating that an artist is budding here. Can you believe who has drawn the pencil drawing you are seeing here? I am sure you would be surprised to know that the age of the artist who drew this piece of art is only 13 years.

THE ARTIST: A boy born with an artistic prowess; a child of a mother who is a graduate in Zoology and an artist herself: Yasvant has not let his potentials to be governed by his age. One more thing that I have noticed in this budding artist is that he has not try to be a goody goody child, as other children try to please their parents and teachers. The choice of subject like poverty and crying shows the presence of his thinking ruling over the trend followed by other child artists. It is needless to say that the artists have to be ahead of time.

The Art: In this pencil drawing, the artist has maintained a fine balance of proportions that is crucial while drawing faces, eyes, nose and the lips. Here the drawing is not a preparatory one, drawn for a watercolour or an oil painting. It is a finished piece of art in itself. It’s a drawing of a moment: a A poor girl is crying, shedding tears, making a huge statement of her state of affairs after a devastating flood has ruined everything that she had.

The artist has properly taken care of the position of facial muscles of the girl; as when a person keeps on crying, his or her facial muscles take specific shape. Had this artist have only drawn the drop of the tear falling out from the girl’s eye, the drawing would have been equally precious. (All the copyrights are with the artist)

The intricacies of pencil drawing guides the artist through every aspect of producing a watercolour or an oil painting. In the beginning stage of drawing from the models like stills or figures, the artists need knowing about correct proportion through measurement. The pencil work help developing understand the body form.
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