Theme: Creative pencil drawing make easy; Pencil drawings of animals, pets and dogs.

Pencil drawing is simple marks of pencil on paper. But these simple markings are very expressive. When the artist or a beginner takes pencil in his or her hand and starts putting lines, dots or shading on the paper, he or she feels deeply rooted in the work.

The Art: You need not to have previous experience of any sort of drawing or painting before starting the pencil drawing. It hardly matter that you have missed out on art classes when you were in school. You can very well learn how to draw. You can start the journey to the land of the art called ‘painting’ by just taking a pencil in your hand and the passion for the art in your heart. The art does not look at the age or position of a person entering the field. Only the person should have the fire to enter the arena of art. Pencil drawing is the gate. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons and Photobucket)

The Technique: Once you have taken decision to learn the pencil drawing; the second step is to decide about the materials to use in the process. To remain cool headed, just ignore most of the things told and lectured about the subjects. And avoid reading more ‘How-to’s. To think about the types of pencils, like graphite pencil, Charcoal stick or coloured pencils would be interesting in the days ahead. You just start with good set of pencil; say three pencils of different grade and white papers. The coloured paper is also an alternative but keep it for the future.

Get, Set and Go: First thing that you would be doing is quite simple. It can be just putting of some markings by you pencil on the blank white paper. Do it; and do it without any preplanning. That’s the real way. The art is not like the water coming from a designed pipeline laid by the local authorities; it is like the water gushing out of a stream; so forceful, so fresh, and so wild.

And after going through this fresh and wild experience let us go to anther type of drawings.

PENCIL DRAWING: Of Dogs and Pets

Theme: Drawings of animals, pets, horses and dogs,

Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend. –John Singer Sargent

Pencil Drawing of A dog

The Art: The art of portrayal is so difficult. While doing all types of paintings or drawings, an artist enjoys a poetic license, a license to use his or her artistic freedom. In case of the portrait drawing or painting, this facility is withdrawn. The person whose portrait is being done would insist of cent per cent similarity with his or her face. A tiny dot here or a small mistake of lining there would turn the face a different one.

How to Portray Pet

While drawing face of your pet, you have no such risk. It is because the pet dog or cat would not mind it; even if you make serious mistakes in it portrait. But that facility hardly relieves the artist from his or her responsibility to be honest to the art.

Once an artist put the first stroke of pencil or a charcoal stick on paper, the things start happening. The pet you are drawing remains only the base unlike in portrait painting of a man or a woman. At this point of time the artist is not only the spectator or an observer of the object; he or she becomes the governor of the situation. The artist makes out a mental picture of the animal sitting before his or her eyes, and then the mental picture starts being animated on the paper. Thus while making portrait of animals, a horse, a dog or a cat, the artist owns a room for using artistic prowess. (Image courtesy Photobucket)

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