ALBERT MOORE: Painting Grace and Beauty of Womanhood

Theme: Painting the beauty and grace of women. Painting the soul of womenhood.

Every artist love to see how the people like the painting that he or she had done. The painting is what an artist get at the end of his or her artistic labour. The praise received from art lovers is a generous feast for an artist.

The praise Albert Joseph Moore received for his paintings was limitless.If you want to see the beautiful women sitting and sleeping with laziness and surrounded by luxurious set-ups, the gallery of the paintings by Albert Joseph Moore would be the most appropriate place.

His paintings of women are so serene; so alluringly beautiful. Like other artists who used classical paintings and mythological sets as base of depicting their artistic prowess, Albert would not take the help of any story to depict his art. He would simply paint the women in their gracious movements, or many a time without a particular movement, too.

Silver, Albert Joseph Moore
(Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

The Art: If we look at his paintings, we can say that while painting Albert would have devoted his attention only to the ornamental and decorative arrangements. He did invest more attention to the beautification of lines and curves he executed. His keen concentration was on the mass of colours he laid on canvases.

Though Albert was much influenced by the study of sculptures he had seen and encountered during his life, he did not allow himself being an archaeological painter. He had used the classical set-up, but he also had suppressed being an artist who tried reconstructing the life of the past years. However he maintained injecting the classical spirit into his paintings by making them to look like the works of a classical artist, as the spirit of his paintings remained always the classical.

The Artist: Albert Joseph Moore (1841 - 1893) was an English painter who was born in York. He is known for the paintings of gorgeous woman in which he used to depict beauty and grace of the model. The women he panted looked almost dreamy, sitting or sleeping in a lazy mood. But in most of his artworks he painted the set, the luxury and decadence of classical world. He did so marvelously and put the figures of women in such background. His father and brother, John Collingham Moore and Henry Moore, were also renowned artists.

The painting given hereunder is The Shunamite relating the Glories of King Solomon to her Maidens. In this painting, the artist has tried to depict movements of women sitting with King Salomon. We can see how subtle is the depiction of grace and beauty of the woman; and how skillfully everything is depicted. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
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