LORD GANESHA: Painting in Basohli Style. Pahari

Basohli Paintings, the paintings from Himalayan range of mountains. Pahri Paintings, Kangra. Painting Mythology.

Lord Ganesha, Basohli Paintings.

Basohli Paintings, the paintings from Himalayan range of mountains. If the small town in Northern India, in Jammu and Kashmir State, named Basohli is known in the whole world for anything, it is the style of painting that had evolved here in mid-eighties. The style of paintings known as Basohli Painting is believed to be the first school of Pahari Paintings. The style of Pahari Painting, too, is evolved under the main style of painting known as Kanga Paintings.

Basohli Style of Painting

Basohli paintings are like another name of the style of paintings which are painted with vigorous use of primary colours and a peculiar facial formula, the style of painting that prevailed in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The era of Basohli paintings starts from the time of Raja Kirpal that ruled in northern Indian state in late seventeen century. It is believed that the Basohli School of painting is in operation from the pre-mughal time. In this painting one mythological story of Lord Ganesha is depicted. Ganesha is ready to throw the divine flower of lotus at the demon named Mamasur, the demon of egotism, who had tried to attack him. The demon could not bear the divine smell of the flower lotus and surrendered to Lord Ganesha. [Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

The Indian mythology, God and Goddesses of Hindu Religion, and sometimes lifestyle of Indian Kings: these were the subjects painted by the Basohli painters. In the above painting of Lord Ganesha we can see the imaginative artistic style of the artists working under Basohli School of paintings. The colours are vivid, skillfully laid on the base with a definite wish of immortalizing the artistic eminence. The another painting is of Goddess Bhadrakali. Here she is shown as dancing. The deities standing nearby adore her dance and pray her. (Images courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

The devotional love of Radha and Krisnha was unique. The artists in India would love to paint Lord Krisha. Here the Basohali artist has also painted the lover couple. This subject of painting Radha and Krishna has been used by the artists working in other schools of paintings in India, too. The Pahari, Kangra, Phad, Tanjore, and Deccan painters would love to paint the mythological subjects and the characters narrated in the scriptures of Hindu religion. The artists belonging to the school of Mughal Miniatures had used this subject of Radhan and Krishna extensively.

Radha and Lord Krishna in discussion. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

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