Modern American Artists: Painting Emotions and Writing a Story

Theme: Painting Emotions. Paintings of Literary Characters.

The Phantom -by Sylvia Pekarek
Acrylic 18 x 24

THE ART AND ARTIST: Portraying of the emotions on canvas has always been a challenge for the clan of artists. To paint is like squeezing of our heart and let everything be flowing through the colours. It is like writing a poetry, or composing a piece of music. The artists crave to do that difficult job. A painting is the record of what an artist feels inside of his or her heart.

Such recording of the feeling is named sometimes as ‘movement of the soul’, too. And if you want to see such a ‘movement of a soul’, then the collection of paintings by Sylvia Pekarek, living in the city of Novato in California, is the most proper destination. Her visual images, the paintings, are bound to create a crowd of emotional responses among viewers.

The philosophers of the world and the artists of all the genres believed that art must tell a story. They believe that an artwork must have some significant meaning. Here in the above painting The Phantom, the artist Sylvia Pekarek has injected such a meaning. In this painting she has painted the face of a literary character, Phantom.

The Story Woven In Painting: Here Sylvia has used all the artistic materials to express the feeling that the character Phantom wears on his face. If we look closely at the painting, we can observe that much care is taken in drawing and painting the eyes. Moreover the artful use of colours, lines, and the painting of tilted face is a strong evidence of the artist’s painting skill. The story of Phantom revolves around the strength of true love prevailing over wrongful dominance or undue control exercised by individuals or the society as a whole.

The flat-looking face of Phantom, having no creases on it, the use of limited palate, and absence of any hair on the face (not even eye brow or eyelashes) may not put this artwork among the company of the faces painted with these details. But here the artist has one key word in her mind: the emotions. And she had poured in the whole stock of emotions in the eyes of Phantom.

THE ARTIST: A painting can tell us a story or depict an idea. But for the artists if is important to show the element of art, the element that stirs emotions and expresses the feelings. When I had asked Sylvia that from where you got the inspiration to paint such an emotionally charged painting, this was her answer: I was so moved by the tragic love story of the Phantom of the Opera; it was such a beautiful and poignant movie. The movie had this message of such intense vulnerability and the fragility of human existence, for the need to love and be loved. I was so overcome by this sad ending, I wanted to pour it out in this artwork I created, to release these projected emotions.

THE GALLERY: Sylvia Pekarek owns an Online Gallery for promotion of art and she helps the artists in selling their artworks. If the artists would put their paintings before thousands of daily visitors, if it is displayed at this gallery. The above painting of the artists is reproduced here with express permission of the artist. All the copyrights of this artwork is with the artist. To know more about her art, look at Sylvia Pekarek's other paintings.
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