AMERICAN ART: Painting Hope and Helpfulness

Theme: Modern American Artist, painting hope and goodwill; the art for a cause. (Article written by Naval Langa)

If there is any environment that turns into an encouragement to make a person an artist, it is the appreciating atmosphere of family. If there is any state of affairs that really motivates a person to take a brush in hand and feel inspired while standing before a canvas, it is to be within the situation where a crowd of creative people nurture her or his artistic aspirations. The New York Artist Ms. Mia Roman Hernandez has been fortunate to have both of these facilities around her.

“Esperanza” (The Hope) : it is acrylic paint on canvass, size 22” X 30”.Painted for a noble cause, this painting was donated to Housing Works Women’s Health Centre for HIV+ woman.

The Artist: Mia believes in and holds faith upon the process of communication through the art. And hence the act of looking at the paintings of artists like Picasso, Goya and Frida Kahlo was not less than studying in an arts institution for her. These are the artists who belong to a class who had painted taking the themes based on their emotions, the culture present in their surround, and above all the call of spirituality they felt in their hearts. The artist in Mia, too, followed that noble tradition. And for seeing that nobleness in action, a close look at this painting by Mia is sufficient.

Here in this painting, the artist seems to symbolise the noble purpose for which the painting was executed. Such is the selection of colours; such is the use of artistic prowess. It is said that the yellow colour pleases even the God. The yellow colour is the symbol of unending energy from the Sun, the real strength of every living being on the earth. The artist has used several shades of yellow acrylic paint here. It symbolises our hope that the God has not closed his office, and we still can draw on the ultimate power.

The Art: Blue colour of the headgear the lady is wearing adds a cooling and soothing effect to the whole frame. The blue colour clothes are good for combating the heat in summer. Here the use of dark and light blue for the woman's frock symbolises her need to struggle with the situation of health she is caught in.

[This art piece was created for the Women’s Health center in Brooklyn NY. It’s a health Center for women that are HIV+. It hangs in the lobby greeting all the women that enter. She is painted in acrylic paint on canvas and the title is "Esperanza" Hope in Spanish. The Women that enter those doors have hope to live longer and stronger lives; regardless of their diagnosis. That is what the inspiration is for this piece. The red ribbon is to commemorate those lost to the AIDS--Mia, the painter.] (All the copyrights of this painting are with the artist Mia Roman Hernandez)

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