PAINTINGS: Of Birds and Animals Being Killed

Theme: Killing birds and animals. Moa the extinct New Zealand bird. Spread and profess vegetarianism

I fear.

They like me.

Yes I fear.

They like my feathers off

After the liquid they’ll

Need some solid to chew.

And my legs roasted

Well plated on tables.

Then they all will laugh

And ‘thank you for the dinner, friend’.

They will gather together again.

I will not be there.

There will be another hen.

Other legs.

Roasted. [Poem -by Naval Langa]

It is not the only reason that I am a vegetarian and I desire to see a world where no birds or animals would be slaughtered for the taste of the tongue; I believe in vegetarianism because the humans have no right to kill any other being that the almighty God have let to live in this world. (Images Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

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